[CUCBC Captains] Lent Bumps Entries and Crew Lists for the Programme

Matthew Temple matthew at cucbc.org
Fri Feb 1 18:22:37 GMT 2019

Dear Captains,

Just a quick reminder that the entry deadline for bumps is a week today, 
i.e. Friday 8th.

Please also remember to submit your crew lists for inclusion in the 
bumps programme. This needs to be done separately from, and in addition 
to, the CUCBC entry. George will be very grateful if you can do this 
well before the deadline, so he can start planning the programme - 
slight edits to these crew lists can be made by emailing George as 
described here:

Best wishes,

On 2019-01-20 21:25, Matthew Temple wrote:
> Dear Captains,
> Entries for Lent Bumps are now open on the CUCBC website. You should
> have been given your login by your predecessor. Once you’ve logged in,
> you can use the “Bumps Entries” option in the right sidebar to get to
> the entry system. You’ll need the names and CRSids of each crew
> member, but you can start entering crews and come back and add more or
> change crews up until the deadline.
> Please remember to also submit your crew lists and Captains comments
> for the Bumps programmes (which you must do separately, and in
> addition to the CUCBC entry). The form for this is here:
> http://www.thebumps.co.uk/crewlists
> The deadline for both CUCBC entries and Bumps Programme Crew Lists is
> 23:45 on Friday 8th February.
> The entry fee is £45 per crew, which should be added to the balance on
> your CUCBC college bill. As mentioned at the Captains' meeting, these
> will be distributed in due course via email by the senior treasurer.
> Please note that if your bill balance is negative and in red, you are
> in credit, and hence you should subtract this amount from your entry
> fees before paying. Payment details are on the bills, and payments for
> both the bills and the bumps entries will be due on Friday 8th
> February.
> Best wishes,
> Matthew

Matthew Temple
CUCBC Exec. Committee

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