[CUCBC Captains] Cam Conservators Registrations

Conor Burgess conor at cucbc.org
Thu Apr 18 15:19:19 BST 2019

Dear Captains,

We've been contacted by Cam Conservators who are concerned that many of you
have yet to complete (by which they mean: have sent your vessel list,
application for registration, your proof of insurance, and payment) your
registration for 2019/20.

It looks like they're actually intending to police this for once, so I
encourage you to chase the relevant people and ensure your registration is
complete by 1st May (that's when they're going to start enforcing their
byelaws, and use of unlicensed vessels can get your whole registration
revoked). You need to ensure all of your boats have a clearly visible
identification codes on both sides of the boat, and their CamCons stickers
(when you receive them).

We believe the following clubs are in various stages of incomplete

Clare Boat Club
Clare Hall Boat Club
Corpus Christi College Boat Club
Darwin College Boat Club
Downing College Boat Club
Emmanuel Boat Club
First & Third Trinity Boat Club
Fitzwilliam College Boat Club
Jesus College Boat Club
King's College Boat Club
Lady Margaret Boat Club
Lucy Cavendish College
Magdalene Boat Club
Newnham College Boat Club
Pembroke College
Peterhouse Boat Club
Queen's College Boat Club
Robinson College
Selwyn College
Sidney Sussex Boat Club
St Catharine's College
St Edmund's College Boat Club
Trinity Hall Boat Club
Wolfson College Boat Club

If your club is on that list and you believe your registration is complete,
please drop licensing at camconservators.org.uk an email to double check.

Best wishes,
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