[CUCBC Captains] Minutes of Captains' Meeting and Insurance Reminder

Felicity Parker felicity at cucbc.org
Tue Oct 9 09:43:57 BST 2018

Dear all,

Minutes of Sunday's meeting are attached. Because there was so much
discussion, please can everyone that was there check that they match your
memories of what was said and especially that they are a fair
representation of what you said, and let me know of any issues before I
upload them to the website. If I have misrepresented you or didn't note
down your comments at all, apologies - it was not deliberate, I promise!

All clubs should have valid insurance showing on their club information
page on the CUCBC website. (Log into the website with your captain's login;
there will be a menu on the right hand side of the page, with a heading
such as newhall.women; click on 'My Club Information Form'.) All details on
this page should be up to date, but in particular at the bottom of the page
are details of your club's insurance. If the Renewal Date is in red and
shows a date in the past, and is not updated by *the end of this Wednesday
10th October*, *your club will not be allowed to boat* until you are shown
as having valid insurance.

If you have problems accessing the captains' part of the website, email Dan
Wilkins at webmaster at cucbc.org; if you have a legitimate reason for not
being able to update your insurance details before Thursday, email Mark
Jacobs at mark at cucbc.org.


Felicity Parker
CUCBC Honorary Secretary
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