[CUCBC Captains] Start of Term Captains' Meeting and Uni 4s

Conor Burgess conor at cucbc.org
Tue Oct 2 00:51:50 BST 2018

Dear all,

As part of the Captains meeting, we will be electing a new CUCBC Hon. Sec. for the coming year. We are accepting nominations for this position up until 48 hours before Sunday’s meeting (so 17:00 on Friday). If you know of anyone who might be interested, please do encourage them to come forwards. Even if they decide not to stand this year, there’s always next year to think of!

Please also find attached the CUCBC Captains Consultation on upcoming rule changes (and please accept my apologies for not sending this out over the summer). If you have any thoughts on this you’d like to share before the meeting, feel free to reply to this email (with your choice of CC - I’m happy to take comments directly to put them forward anonymously, or I’d encourage you to CC the two committees if you’re happy to do so. Of course, if you want the other Captains to see your message to give them time to think it over before the meeting, feel free to CC them too). Please note we won’t be proposing any actual rule changes at this meeting; this is just to prompt discussion.

The full agenda is therefore:
Apologies for absence
Election of CUCBC Chair
Election of CUCBC Hon Sec.
Committee introductions
Uni IVs
Notices from other river users:
Action in case of collision with moored boat
Early morning noise/traffic restrictions
CUCBC Rule Change Consultation Discussion
Distribution of College Bills
Best wishes,

> On 1 Oct 2018, at 18:05, Matthew Temple <matthew at cucbc.org> wrote:
> Dear Captains,
> The start of term Captains' meeting will take place on Sunday 7th October at 5pm in the Long Room at Murray Edwards College. The agenda will be circulated in due course, but if you have any items you would like to raise then please let me know in the next few days.
> The University IVs 2018 <http://www.cucbc.org/uni_fours> will run from Monday 22nd October to Friday 26th October. Entries will open shortly after the Captains' meeting, and will close on Friday 12th October. Entries must be made by college Captains through the CUCBC website. All competing crews will be expected to provide marshals to ensure the safe running of the regatta.
> This email is being sent to the Contacts list in case any incoming Captains are yet to receive their CUCBC email logins from their predecessors - if this applies to you then please ensure that your email and website logins are handed over ASAP. All Captains should check their CUCBC email regularly, ideally every day.
> Finally, we have already received complaints of excessive noise from coxes on the river before 07:30 - please ensure your crews and coaches are aware of the usual early morning noise restrictions, and in particular, the need to keep coxboxes turned down to a minimum before 07:30.
> Best wishes,
> Matthew
> --
> Matthew Temple
> CUCBC Exec. Committee

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