[CUCBC Captains] CNR 24th November updated row-through lists

Clare Regatta Team claregatta at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 21:17:47 GMT 2018

Hi all,

After discussing with CUCBC, there are now 6 slots instead of 4 at each
time, so a lot of the crews that previously weren't able to get a
row-through have now been given one. Please check the attached timetable to
see. Apologies to the small number of crews that asked for a very
oversubscribed slot so I couldn't give you one, however there are still 2
slots available for less in demand spaces, first come first served.

Let me know if you think you asked for a slot and haven't got what you
expected, I have had a large number of emails asking to change times etc so
may well have missed one or two.

As there are now more boats, it's especially important you're on time for
your slot to not delay things.

Ruaridh MacDowall
CNR Senior Umpire 2018
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