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Felicity Parker felicity at cucbc.org
Sun Nov 11 18:54:15 GMT 2018

Dear all,

I've had several requests for clarification, so just to be clear: each club
may have a maximum of two boats on the water *at any one time* between
lighting down and 8:30am. If one of the first two boats sent out returns
before 8:30, a third boat may push off when the first arrives back. So for
example, if you had two senior boats push off at lighting down and both
arrived back an hour later, two novice boats could then push off. Be aware
though that we will be enforcing this strictly, partly by use of EMM
reports which do not generally record returning crews, so if we see that a
club sent three or four boats out in one morning we will be in contact.
Every club should have a system in place to record outings, so we will
expect you to be able to show that the first boat arrived home before the
third pushed off.

The two boats may be two VIIIs, two IVs, or a IV and an VIII. Additional
small boats will not be counted.

Best wishes,


On Sun, 11 Nov 2018 at 08:51, Felicity Parker <felicity at cucbc.org> wrote:

> Dear all,
> As of tomorrow morning until the end of term (Friday 30th November) each
> club will only be permitted to have two boats on the water (including both
> IVs and VIIIs, but not counting singles, doubles or tub pairs) between
> lighting down and 8:30am on weekdays. Any other VIIIs or IVs may boat after
> 8:30am. This is to reduce congestion and therefore the risk of collisions.
> Please ensure all your captains including LBCs are aware of this so they
> may plan outings accordingly.
> Regards,
> Felicity
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> Felicity Parker
> CUCBC Honorary Secretary

Felicity Parker
CUCBC Honorary Secretary
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