[CUCBC Captains] Row- throughs during CNR (Saturday 24th November 2018)

Clare Regatta Team claregatta at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 15:23:56 GMT 2018

Dear all,

After discussing with CUCBC, the following rules have been decided for
rowing through on Saturday:

1) It will be limited to crews in the first and second divisions of May
bumps who plan to row over the lock.
2) There will be a limit of 4 boats allowed to row through between each
division. This is because we also have to allow row-throughs for town clubs
and house boats.
3) It will be done on a first come-first serve basis.
4) The deadline for requesting row-throughs is the Saturday the week before
the regatta (17th November).

Please request the time at which you'll be passing downstream, as crews can
always row upstream with only a small wait, but to row downstream boats
must wait for the division to finish.

To sign up for a row-through, can you please fill out the following form:


If you've already asked me for a row-through, can you still fill in the
form so I can accommodate for as many row-throughs as possible. I'll send
out an email on the Sunday (18th) before the regatta of when each crew will
be rowing through.

Ruaridh MacDowall
2018 CNR Senior Umpire
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