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Felicity Parker felicity at cucbc.org
Fri May 18 10:53:58 BST 2018

Captains, please pass this on to coxes, coaches and users of small boats:

Dear all,

There have been ducklings sighted at the boathouses, both along Midsummer
Common and at Combined, and there are two known swans' nests on the river,
one on the outside of Ditton Corner, one down near Bottisham Lock.

You should avoid harm to wildlife as a matter of course. Unless doing so
would present more of a danger to human life than to animal life, you
should easy and if necessary draw in blades or hold it up rather than hit
animals, whether infants or adults. This is particularly relevant along
Midsummer Common and at Cantabs Corner, where there are often large
gatherings of adult swans.

There is no good reason to be rowing at high rate around the outside of
Ditton Corner; preferably, you should avoid piecing round the corner at
all, though we accept that it is necessary to practise longer pieces on

Wherever possible, avoid rowing or stopping between a swan and its nest; in
particular, bear this in mind if queuing to cross over at the top of Plough
Reach - you may need to leave space to allow the parents access to the
nest. Swans are powerful and can be aggressive if provoked. One recently
put a sizable hole in a single.

Further guidance is available on the CUCBC website:


Felicity Parker
CUCBC Exec Committee
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