[CUCBC Captains] Head of the River races space

Bianca Andrei bama2 at cam.ac.uk
Thu Mar 8 21:46:44 GMT 2018

Dear all,

I am sorry to e-mail in such a short notice, but we have been having a nightmare trying to get to London. Please continue reading if you could help FaT. 

We have a trailer and a towing vehicle, but we have been trying for the past weeks to find a driver but without success.

Hence we are asking for your help! 

1. In order to drive one needs to be over 25 ( insurance from the company that lends the trailers and the car). If any of you know somebody that would like to drive our trailer for some money on Saturday morning and back on Sunday that would be life saving!  All costs covered.

2. Anybody with a car with a tow-bar willing again for some money to drive the trailer on Saturday and back on Sunday. Of course no need to be over 25, just the car with the tow-bar is the limiting factor. This would again help us so much and again all costs would be covered.

3. Any space on your trailer. We have one women boat and two men’s boats. Even if you have only one space left that would be again helpful as at least some of us could race. Again we are happy to cover some part of the cost for travelling there and back! 

If any of you could help us, then please contact me! The whole of First and Third would have you eternal gratitude! 

Thank you! 

Bianca Andrei
Women’s Captain First and Third 

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