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Thu Mar 1 14:59:36 GMT 2018

Hi all,

CUCBC have just sent round an email (see below) suggesting that colleges 
help out with gritting the towpath so that racing can go ahead 
tomorrow/Saturday. Queens' are keen to do what we can to help but 
determined though we are, there's not much we can do by ourselves! We 
were wondering if any other clubs/committees would be keen to come along 
tomorrow morning (in case it snows more tonight/gives us a chance to 
find some grit..) and help out with salting the towpath to give a better 
chance of salvaging one or two days of Bumps - especially since many of 
us haven't actually raced yet...)

If you're keen to help out then let us know who you are and numbers on 
this sheet: 

If 6 colleges provide 5 people then that's 30 volunteers to get at least 
some grit down, and some is better than nothing! We just think it would 
be such a shame for all our hard work and early mornings this term to go 
to waste, so any help you can give would be much appreciated (we'll 
probably still go down anyway even if we end up going it alone!)


Georgie, Peter and Callum
QCBC Captains 2017-18

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Dear all,

The Cambridgeshire County Council Highways division have given
permission for independent gritting of the towpath. Unfortunately the
CUCBC committees do not have the person power to get anywhere near to
achieving this, but we would be happy for colleges to have a go if they
can. Please note however that this is not a guarantee that gritting the
towpath will guarantee we can run races; the salt may not clear the
towpath sufficiently, further snow and/or ice could cover it up and make
it unsafe again, the river could freeze, or the air temperature / wind
chill could be so cold we can't risk people sitting around stationary,
etc. - you get the idea; it's not a guarantee, but it would certainly
help improve the odds.

If you do wish to help, rock salt can be purchased from many of the
builders merchants in and around Cambridge. Please keep your own
well-being in mind, and ensure you have suitable footwear to stay
upright and sufficient clothing and hot drinks etc. to keep warm. Under
no circumstances should anyone be pressured into going down onto the
towpath if they do not willingly volunteer. Please also take note of the
instructions at the links below; gritting will be far more effective if
the compacted snow and ice can be cleared from the towpath before
spreading the salt.

Advice from Cambridge County Council:

Advice from Department for Transport:
https://www.gov.uk/clear-snow-road-path-cycleway [2]

Best wishes,

[2] https://www.gov.uk/clear-snow-road-path-cycleway

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