[CUCBC Captains] May Bumps

clerk clerk at fenditton-pc.org.uk
Tue Jun 5 12:54:01 BST 2018

Good morning,

Conor Burgess has suggested that I contact you regarding the issue of 
the traffic congestion and need for parking in Fen Ditton during the 
event of the May Bumps.

Fen Ditton Recreation ground Trust/Parish Council have arranged for 
parking facilities to be made available to ease the congestion caused by 
the volume of traffic resulting from the followers of the Bumps.  This 
requires management which is done by volunteers from the village.  It 
would be extremely helpful if some volunteers could come forward from 
the colleges, whose event causes the problem, to assist with management 
of the traffic particularly on Saturday volume of people is at its 
greastest. - Just 30 minutes or an hour a time by a habdful of 
volunteers from the colleges would make all the difference and 
demonstrate to people of Fen Ditton that you care about the problem 
which is caused.

In addition a list of the colleges with hospitality tents on the Meadows 
would be helpful to direct drivers who are confused where to be - better 
still provision of easily seen  signage to the Meadows would be appreciated.

I look forwad to your response.


Sarah Smart,
Clerk, Fen Ditton Parish Council

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