[CUCBC Captains] Invitation BREMEN - 31. Boatrace / Einladung BREMEN - 31.Kutterpullen auf der Weser

Internationales Kutterpullen Hochschule Bremen kutterpullen at hs-bremen.de
Wed Oct 25 12:46:51 BST 2017

*Entries are now open for The Fairbairn Cup 2017, Cambridge.*

The races will take place on:

*Thursday 30^th November:*Men’s and Women’s Novice VIIIs

*Friday 1^st December:*Men’s and Women’s Senior College and Invitational 
VIIIs and IVs

Entry fees are £60 for an VIII and £36 for a IV.

Entries are made via http://jcbc.jesus.cam.ac.uk/old/fairbairns/. The 
entry deadline is */Thursday 16^th November, /*and payment deadline 
Friday 24^th November.

*Payment Details:*

Your Reference: [Your College]Fairbairns (e.g. JesusFairbairns)
Jesus College Boat Club
Sort Code: 30-91-56
Account number: 00538948

Please find the updated Rules and Regulations on the website and note 
the main change, outlined below.

If you have any queries regarding the regatta, especially regarding 
entries, please do not hesitate to contact me at 
jcbc-fairbairns at jesus.cam.ac.uk.

Good Luck!

Charlotte Jackson

/Fairbairn Cup Secretary 2017/
/Jesus College Boat Club/

*Rules and Regulations 2017:*The Rules remain largely unchanged from 
2016 with the exception of the removal of any time bonus for an 
obstructed crew. This is in accordance with British Rowing Rule 8.6.

8 -6 Penalties at Processional Races. The following penalties are 
available for processional events (head races, time-trials, etc.):• Rule 
8-5 penalties• an additional time penalty - to be added to the offending 
crews time There can be no reduction of time for a crew that is offended 

This will be dealt with by increasing the flexibility in the start 
order, see Rule 7c:

‘That Jesus College Boat Club shall determine the order of the start, 
based upon the finishing order of the previous year’s races, followed by 
new entrants alphabetically and by status.In the interests of safety and 
fairness (Rule 13.a), if a crew is considered to be substantially slower 
than the crew achieving the previous year’s finishing position, they may 
be started with the new entrants, upon application to the Fairbairns 
Secretary.If /a boat club/ deems one of its//crew/s/ to be significantly 
faster than the crew in front, /and can provide evidence to that effect 
(e.g. times from other races)/, the start order may be changed or the 
time gap between the two crews may be increased /at the discretion of 
the Fairbairns Secretary/./Requests for a change in start order or an 
increased time gap should be submitted to the Fairbairns Secretary not 
later than seven (7) days before the start of the races.’/

Charlotte Jackson
Fairbairn Cup Secretary 2017
Jesus College Boat Club

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