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Patrick Ryan patrick at cuwbc.org.uk
Tue Oct 24 15:39:16 BST 2017

Dear all,

As the mornings are getting busier, some general reminders. Please forward
to LBCs and novice coxes as appropriate.

   1. Senior crews on their way downstream shortly after lighting down
   should be wary and prepared to meet Town Crews returning upstream. You must
   remain on the correct side of the river at all times.
   2. No novice crews may be on the water before 07:30, or within 15
   minutes of lighting down, whichever is later (so please take note on
   Thursday and Friday morning this week). For the purposes of this rule, you
   should interpret a novice crew as as one requiring assistance from the bank
   to proceed safely and without interruption to at least the Railway Bridge,
   or as any crew with more than three novices. If placing a novice cox with a
   senior crew, they must be able to cox the boat the the Railway Bridge
   safely with only pointers from the stroke seat.
   3. No bank coaching before 07:30 anywhere upstream of the Railway
   Bridge. Please also be aware of other river users and keep noise outside
   the boathouses and from cox-boxes to a minimum before 07:30.
   4. White lights should be displayed clearly on both the bows and stern
   if your boat will be on the water within the 15 minutes after lighting down
   or the 15 minutes prior to lighting up.
   5. Lighting down is the time you can push off, NOT the time you can row
   past one of our EMMs. Anyone caught willfully abusing this rule will be
   fined heavily, and issued training bans for repeat offences.
   6. A queue of boats waiting to return to the boat houses is NOT fair
   game for overtaking. Everything will flow much more smoothly when you join
   the queue.

Thanks for your cooperation,

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