[CUCBC Captains] Reminders

Conor Burgess conor at cucbc.org
Mon Oct 23 12:44:09 BST 2017

Dear All Captains,

The Big Boatie Bar Crawl is rapidly approaching and with it the need for 
coordinated selling of the traditional Big Boatie Bar Crawl T-shirts.

This year the Big Boatie Bar Crawl is on the 22nd of October. We are 
selling the T-shirts to college boat clubs for £5 per tshirt with 1 free 
marshal's T-shirt for every 10 T-shirts sold.
We encourage you to sell the T-shirts for £6 so that your club makes £1 
per T-shirt sold, a great opportunity for the boatclubs to make a little 
bit of money. We also strongly suggest that you encourage non boaties to 
come on the bar crawl as it is sure to be a great night out.

The T-shirts will be arriving tomorrow (17th October) and we can deliver 
them to you as soon as you have ordered them. Most clubs order about 50 

We would like to have all of the orders done by the end Thursday 19th 
October to give you as much time to sell the T-shirts as possible. Once 
you have ordered your T-shirts we will try to get them to you as quickly 
as possible.

1 T-shirt will entitle the wearer to:

£1 shots at Revs,

£1 off all drinks at the Maypole,

Happy Hour all night at Ta Bouche and more!

Boatie Love,

Jonathan Heywood
QCBC Social Secretary

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