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Mon Jun 19 13:53:14 BST 2017

Dear all,

Thanks to all crews and bank parties for an excellent day of racing, and for allowing us to stay on time pretty much all day.

The results from Thursday's racing are now available online at www.cucbc.org/mays/results <http://www.cucbc.org/mays/results>.

Notes from the Umpires
Coxes - when you’ve bumped, please look over your shoulder before deciding where to clear.
When you’ve bumped out, do not clear into another crew - row on (at firm pressure if need be) to reach a section of bank which is clear.
Bank party size is strictly limited to four - the Umpires will be clamping down on this tomorrow as we expect the towpath to be very busy.
If you’re paddling home after bumping out, you MUST stop below the Railway Bridge and wait for the previous division to finish pushing off before you proceed home (someone will tell you when you can do so). If no one is there, do not assume it is ok to continue, you must still stop.
Bank parties must not impede umpires, and must listen to umpires asking them to give way on one side or the other.
Fines may be appealed by e-mailing Dr Dan Wilkins, CUCBC Senior Treasurer (seniortreasurer at cucbc.org <mailto:seniortreasurer at cucbc.org>) within 48 hours of this e-mail.
Anglia Ruskin - Failure to provide marshal, second offence - £30
Christ’s M2 - No lifejacket at marshalling - £50
Christ’s W2 - No lifejacket for row home - £50
Christ’s M2 - Excessive bank party - £30
Christ’s M2 - Excessive bank party, second offence - £45
Clare Hall M1 - Illegal crew member - £50
Corpus Christi - Failure to provide marshal - £15
FaT W1 - Excessive bank party - £30
FaT W1 - Excessive bank party, second offence - £45
FaT W2 - Illegal practise start - £20
Hughes Hall M1 - Excessive bank party - £30
Hughes Hall / Lucy Cavendish - Very late marshal - £10
Jesus W3 - Easying upon being bumped - £25
Jesus W3 - Excessive bank party - £30
Lady Margaret M2 - Early celebration - £20
Magdalene M1 - Early celebration - £20
Magdalene - Failure to provide marshal - £15
Pembroke W1 - Dropped bung, no advantage - £15
Pembroke M5 - Dropped bung, no advantage - £15
Peterhouse - Failure to provide marshal, second offence - £30
Queens’ M4 - Easying upon being bumped - £25
Robinson M2 - Droped bung, no advantage - £15
Robinson W1 - Late concession - £20
Selwyn M1 - Late concession - £20
Wolfson M1 - Early celebration - £20
Caius W3 - Leggings which are too bright - Provide eye protection for Umpires
Emma W4 - #firstworldproblems - Supply towels for everyone else who might get a wet blade handle
Girton M2 - Bad parking at marshalling (five attempts) - Three points on license and remedial driving course
Bottom half of M1 division - Excessive bumping in the Gut without blocking the racing line - Provide tips to Christ’s
Best of luck for tomorrow,
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