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Conor Burgess conor at cucbc.org
Tue Jun 6 08:11:20 BST 2017

Dear Captains,

Attached is the 12-outing declaration form for the May Bumps 2017. 
Please check the outing logs for each of your crews and return the 
declaration to me by Wednesday 7th June. This deadline is to allow us to 
fix the start order as soon as the Getting On race has finished - even 
if you don't have any crews entered into the GOR we need to know how 
many slots are available for qualifying crews.

Where you have been running a squad system for a significant part of the 
term rather than fixed crews please contact me if you do not meet the 12 
outing requirement. We understand that subs are sometime required at 
short notice for illness/injury/absence and these are generally 
acceptable without specific notice to me - please contact me if you are 
proposing to sub in a cox who has not been coxing this term and does not 
have prior Bumps experience as a cox.

Weekday outings after 9.00 count as 1.5 outings for the purpose of the 
12 outing rule. Early morning and weekend outings count as 1, as do 
races. The GOR may be counted as one of the 12 for those crews taking 
part. If you have a crew who fail to meet the required 12 outing 
threshold, feel free to contact me before scratching them if you think 
there are grounds for me to allow them to race. Any crew not fulfilling 
the 12 outing requirement may race for time only in the GOR, and will be 
eligible for a half refund.

Forms may be filled in electronically and emailed back - there's no need 
to print / sign / scan as it takes up more of your time and only clogs 
up my inbox!

Finally, please remember that the rules for coxes not attending the 
pre-Bumps briefing have changed in line with the previous Captains' 
meeting. Senior coxes may now be represented by another cox from your 
club (who may also be there as the cox of their own crew) - rowers are 
no longer acceptable representatives. Novice coxes (i.e. those who have 
not competed in Bumps before as a cox) may be absent only by prior 
agreement - email me if this applies to anyone in your club. Please be 
sensible when it comes to attendance - I do not want the briefing to be 
delivered to just 30 coxes, each representing the whole of their club!

Any questions, let me know.

Mark Jacobs
CUCBC Safety Advisor
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