[CUCBC Captains] Collision yesterday morning?

Mark Jacobs mark at cucbc.org
Wed Jan 18 09:33:46 GMT 2017

Dear Captains,

Sidney Sussex Boat Club are selling a used stern-loaded men's IV+ 
(Burgashell) to free up space in our boathouse.

While old, the IV+ is in rowable condition with some pieces having been 
replaced recently. It is a good training shell for M2/ lower men's crews 
who could benefit from having a wider, more stable IV+ than your top 
crews. The price would be open for discussion, but presumably quite low, 
especially if you can collect the boat this weekend or next week!

Do let me know if and when you'd want to see the boat.

All best wishes for your Lent term training,

Camille Lardy
SSBC Captain of Boats 2016-2017
captain at ssbc.org.uk

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