[CUCBC Captains] Getting-On Race Results

Charlie Prior charlie at cucbc.org
Fri Feb 24 22:30:21 GMT 2017

Dear Captains,

*Please forward this email to crews/coaches competing in the getting-on

Due to a number of scratched entries, we are simplifying the marshalling
procedure for the GoR.

Division 1 should marshal in race order *downstream *of the Motorway Bridge.

Divisions 2 & 3 should marshal in *reverse race order *from the *P&E *down
to the *Railway Bridge *on the *towpath side. *You will then row down to
the start (in reverse order, Bumps-style) and spin *in tandem, *all*
downstream *of the Motorway Bridge.

Thank you for your cooperation, and good luck!

Charles Prior
CUCBC Honorary Secretary

(e) charlie at cucbc.org | cucbc at cucbc.org
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