[CUCBC Captains] Small Boats Regatta 2017

Conor Burgess conor at cucbc.org
Thu Apr 13 21:08:51 BST 2017

Dear all,

Entries for SBR are open. These must be made via Captains using the CUCBC website (there is a link to submit entires on the homepage at the moment).

The deadline for Entries is Tuesday 18th April at 2345. The races themselves will take place in the afternoon/evenings of Monday 24th April to Wednesday 26th April. Entry Fees are £6 for the Peter Brandt and Maiden Sculls, £10 for all other single scull races and £16 per double or pair. Entry fees can be paid by bank transfer only (see your last CUCBC bill or contact seniortreasurer[at]cucbc.org for details).

Please note that competing crews will be expected to provide marshals (via their clubs) to ensure the smooth and safe running of races. Failure to provide marshals as required will result in the automatic scratching/disqualification of the relevant competing crew. More specific details will be available once we have a list of entires and are able to put together a racing timetable.

Best wishes,

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