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Wed Sep 28 13:11:45 BST 2016

To the CUCBC Captains & Coaches,

Your details were passed along to me by Conor Burgess who suggested I
contact you directly. My name is Chris Lee and I am a Strength &
Conditioning Coach. I recently relocated to Cambridge and have set my
business up at Copley Hill Business Park, Babraham. I specialise in
training high level athletes competing in power based sports (such as
rowing) and I thought my services may be of use to your club.

I started working in the fitness industry 13 years ago in Australia
and have since gained qualifications & experience to become an
accredited Strength & Conditioning Coach with the Australian Sports
Commission (the government's regulatory body for sport). I have experience
training a range of high level athletes, most recently working with the
Australian Olympic Rowing Team, an Australian Handball player currently
competing in the German Bundesliga, and with a number of highly ranked

I believe with my previous experience working with top level rowers I could
provide great benefit to any of your individual rowers or teams. I am
extremely proficient in training and developing the human body to perform
at its optimal levels for sporting competition. I am also experienced
working in conjunction with and developing training and programming around
the wishes of team coaches.

If you are interested in my services my contact details are listed below. I
was also hoping you could pass my details along to your rowers if they are
looking to increase their training outside of their current schedule.

I appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Chris Lee

Owner / Coach

Down Under Strength & Conditioning

07399 263230


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