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Wed Oct 26 09:10:51 BST 2016

To Whom it May Concern,
year at the Cantabrigian Winter Head. For the past 5 or so years we've been staying in a sports hall overnight, however, this year due to a clash of bookings they are unable to accommodate us this year. I've contacted several hostels, however, they do not have the space to accommodate 80 of us. I was wondering whether any of your boat clubs had a hall space of some sort we could sleep in for the Saturday night after the Head Race (19th November).

We are perfectly happy to bring our own sleeping bags, we can be out as early as you need us to be and I will make sure we've had a proper tidy of the premises (we've never had any complaints from the previous hall we've stayed in before). Please let me know as soon as possible.

Many thanks,

Club Captain
King's College London Boat Club
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