[CUCBC Captains] Uni IVs Draw & Race Timetable

Conor Burgess conor at cucbc.org
Sat Oct 22 09:26:34 BST 2016

Hi Captains,

Sorry to spam this list, especially as I have already spoken to most of 
you individually, but we are getting desperate and someone may still be 
able to help!

Murray Edwards College boat club has one more VIII than we have rack 
space for and we have run out of storage options. I know that most of 
you have very full boathouses and we have generally come to the 
conclusion that we won't be able to get racking space on the cam any 
time soon. We now are just looking for somewhere to put the shell until 
we can find a way of disposing of it. If anyone has a piece of land or 
knows of anywhere that we could legally store the shell for a few weeks 
please get in touch!

Alternatively If anyone knows of anyone in the market for a Burgashell 
VIII I would love to hear. Our record keeping hasn't been great, however 
I have been told it is a men's VIII purchased around 1997ish. It is in 
fairly good condition and is perfect for novices.

MECBC Captain

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