[CUCBC Captains] Save the Date - CCRC Big Weekend 2016

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Fri Mar 4 19:15:36 GMT 2016

Dear Captains and Coxes,

(Again, feel free to ignore if you're not going to WEHoRR/ManHoRR).

As a number of you have (very politely) pointed out, I'm a feckless
incompetent who failed to mention a 'where'.

The talk will take place tomorrow at 6pm in the Queens Building Lecture
Theatre in Emmanuel college. (This may help:
http://emmamcr.org.uk/index.php?page=about_map_of_emma )

We're aiming to start fairly promptly at 6pm, but the room will be open
from 5:30, so please do try and be on time (or even a few minutes early).
The room is also huge, so any other members of crews who'd like to join are
very welcome (and on a personal note, it never hurts to have a stroke
sitting in front of a less experienced cox who also has an idea of Tideway
navigation rules).

Hope to see some of you tomorrow,

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