[CUCBC Captains] Tribal BBQ - Ticket Collection

Tribal Chieftain tribalchieftain at gmail.com
Wed Jun 8 12:18:34 BST 2016

The start order for the Bumps has now been updated, taking into account the results of today's GoR.

The results of the crews which did not qualify are below. Please note the due to incorrectly labelled crews from some clubs, some crews appear to have both got on and failed to qualify. This is also detailed below.

Men’s Crews
St. Catharine's V        00:08:01

St. Catharine's IV       00:08:09

Magdalene IV            00:08:10

Emmanuel IV             00:08:12

Pembroke IV              00:08:13		(Pembroke V qualified and have been relabelled Pembroke IV)

Queens' V                  00:08:22

Sidney Sussex III        00:08:32

King's III                     00:08:34

Lady Margaret VI       00:08:34

Corpus Christi III        00:08:36

Magdalene V             00:08:38

Jesus VI                      00:08:44

Christ's IV                  00:08:56

Lady Margaret VII      00:09:07

Jesus VII                     00:09:18

Women’s Crews
Jesus IV                              00:08:47

King's III                             00:08:53

Trinity Hall III                     00:08:56

Magdalene III                    00:09:02	(Magdalene IV qualified and have been relabelled Magdalene III)

Newnham IV                     00:09:03

Peterhouse II                     00:09:09

Lady Margaret IV               00:09:12

Caius III                              00:09:14

Clare V                               00:09:26

Corpus Christi II                 00:09:33
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