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Happy New Year to you.

I just wanted to start with a quick email to introduce myself and tell you about what is coming up with Cambridge University Womens’ Boat Club. My name is Paddy Ryan and i am the assistant Coach to Cambridge University Women’s Boat Club.

This time every year i write to competitors of Queens Ergs and to the Captains list telling people about the opportunities ahead. I have included a link below with information about upcoming erg sessions. I also want to tell you about British University Championships (BUCS), Henley Womens' Regatta (HWR) and Dev Squad.

Whether you have just started at Cambridge or have been around for a few years, if you like being competitive, want an incredible challenge then we are interested in talking to you.

For the last 2 years we have taken a novice crew to compete at BUCS in the Novice 8 and we have returned Gold medalists each time (last year by 10 seconds over second place). We are also looking at competing in the Novice 4+ this year and again with an Intermediate 4+.

For HWR we will be entering a Intermediate coxed 4+. More information to follow on this as we get closer but think about it. Commitment will be appropriate so you can get sessions in with your college and do this project as well.

Dev Squad, more information to follow on this regarding spaces available, selection, etc but the dates are the 20th June till 16th January. It will include Kingston Regatta and maybe Molesey Regatta though we are looking at altering the programme this year as this regatta hasn’t been able to find much competition for us.

Did you read the article by one of our athletes? Zara Goozee - Downing College. She writes about how she didn’t think she was good enough to give it ago and 2 months in and she is stroking the boat to be the fastest university crew to compete at the British Championships. http://www.bluebirdnews.co.uk/zara-goozee-writes-about-her-build-up-from-nothing-to-the-british-rowing-championships/ <http://www.bluebirdnews.co.uk/zara-goozee-writes-about-her-build-up-from-nothing-to-the-british-rowing-championships/> What you might not have known is that there was also a novice athlete in that boat. Someone who learnt to row last year, their first year at Cambridge.

Starting later this month i will be running ergo sessions. If you are interested in - Sign up here <https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KpeE017H-FDlP9uyiJkIEfjia7zqBBLhklgWIMM4Dww/edit?usp=sharing> - there is times and dates on the sign up sheet. I look forward to seeing you then. This is a technical session where we go over some rowing fundamentals, i will also provide opportunities for people to ask questions about rowing and opportunities this year. 

Happy New Year. 



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