[CUCBC Captains] River Closure Friday 2-3pm

E. Archer ema38 at cam.ac.uk
Wed Jan 6 22:27:04 GMT 2016

Dear Captains

Please find attached CUBC’s policy on the use of Ely by colleges. Any club intending to boat at Ely should remember that:

Under the terms of the CUCBC Constitution, the CUCBC has no regulatory powers over College Clubs when they are using the Ouse at Ely. However, clubs are reminded of the following:

The CUWBC Constitution expressly forbids the College womens' Boat Clubs from rowing between the Fish and Duck PH (South of Ely) and the Adelaide Course (North of Ely) without the express permission of the CUWBC President.

A CUBC Rule which was re-affirmed in 2001, bans rowing by College crews on the Adelaide course and on the River between Ely and the Fish and Duck PH without the express permission of the CUBC President.

Any clubs who do receive permission to row at Ely are reminded:

The river is not regulated by the Cam Conservators and other licences may be required.
Permission to boat is required from the landowner whose land you are boating from.
If using a launch, the ARA Safety Code provisions regarding launches must be followed.

Michael Thornton
CUCBC Honorary Secretary 2015-2016

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