[CUCBC Captains] Bumps and GoR Start Orders (v.4)

Cam Lardy cam at cucbc.org
Tue Feb 16 13:23:45 GMT 2016

Dear All,

To clarify a point: all qualifying outings must have taken place in 
VIIIs. Small boat outings and sessions where half your crew has gone out 
in a IV do not count towards the total.



On 13/02/2016 00:32, Mark Jacobs wrote:
> Dear All,
> Attached is this term's 12-outing declaration form for the Lent Bumps. 
> Please note the following:
>   * One form per club please - not separate submissions per crew or
>     for men's/women's sections.
>   * This is the first term that the modified Rule 18a is in force -
>     rather than 10 outings, the new requirement is 12 outings, where
>     weekday sessions after 9am count as 1.5 towards the total.
>   * Races count as 1 outing, irrespective of the time of day (i.e.
>     Robinson Head is not 1.5). The Getting-on-Race may count towards
>     the total for those crews entered.
>   * Please take a common sense view when it comes to subs/crew
>     shuffling. In particular, each member should ordinarily have
>     undertaken at least 8 outings with the crew (though we're flexible
>     and reasonable when it comes to putting experienced subs in at the
>     last minute). Please contact me to discuss if you think it
>     necessary, especially in the case of coxes.
>   * Note also Rule 18b, that you may not have more than 2 Lent-term
>     novices in any crew.
>   * I'd appreciate it if in your return you could indicate which of
>     your crews have been training regularly on weekdays after 9am.
>     This is simply a straw poll to see how many crews are making use
>     of this quiet time.
>   * As usual, a random sample of 6 clubs will be asked to submit
>     copies of their outing logs for the term. These may be in any
>     format convenient, but please ensure that you send me a log of
>     outings actually undertaken, not a Google Docs outing planner that
>     has not been updated to reflect outings missed due to flags etc.
>   * If you have crews entered that have not managed 12 outings, they
>     will still be welcome to race for time only in the GoR (but will
>     not be eligible for the 50% non-qualifier's refund).
>   * If you think you have a good excuse for not having made the
>     12-outing requirement by the deadline, feel free to plead your
>     case with me before scratching.
> Forms are to be returned to me by the end of Wednesday 17 February.
> Any questions, please ask.
> Regards,
> Mark Jacobs
> CUCBC Safety Advisor

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