[CUCBC Captains] Request for Assistance - Boat Club Historical Project

Matthew Cawthorne matthew at cawthornes.com
Wed Aug 3 09:26:49 BST 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen -

An alumnus of Magdalene College, I seek in connection with a Boat Club
historical project copies of programmes for the Lent and May Bumps of 1984
and 1985.  Blanks have been drawn at CUBC (responsible at that time for
organising the Bumps), CUCBC and the University Library, where the keeper
of the Rare Books collection has some material but not for the period in
question.  I have not approached CUWBC as Magdalene was a men's college
until 1988.

So I should be most grateful for your assistance by directing this request
to your secretaries or archivists.  Although an altruistic desire to make
this information more widely available is no doubt sufficient reward, in
acknowledgement of trouble taken I would be happy to make a donation of £25
to the funds of the club that first presents a programme for each period of
Bumps (Lents 84, Mays 84, Lents 85, Mays 85), *i.e.* £100 for the complete
set if held.  Whilst hardly riches beyond the dreams of avarice, this might
add a reasonable amount of port to your next club event.

My apologies if this broadcast request has already reached you via other
means including Facebook, where I am suspending activity until the results
of this more focused inquiry are known.  In the meantime, please accept
warm wishes for a relaxing summer break, if you are having one.

Yours sincerely.

Matthew Cawthorne

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