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Please see below, if interested, from Timarie Chan, offering Yoga Classes for rowers. 


My name is Timarie Chan, and I am a certified yoga teacher wanting to integrate yoga into competitive rowing in Cambridge. Yoga is a great complement to traditional rowing training with the potential to greatly increase athletic performance and prevent injury with consistent practice.  

These sessions will focus on mobility, core strength, and body/mental control under pressure. 

Yoga classes are mentally and physically beneficial, and can also be a fun and exciting part of the rowers weekly routine. This is also be a great way to combine the men's and women's teams as an opportunity to bond and interact. 

I offer both short sessions, which can be added onto the end of an erg or lift, or long sessions, which can be tailored to individual training plans as a full session once a week. 

45 minutes : £20
60 minutes : £30
90 minutes : £40
*I am happy to negotiate block discounts or term packages. 

There are limited time slots available, so please contact me at timariechan at gmail.com <mailto:timariechan at gmail.com> and we can discuss scheduling options. I look forward to working with you and your team! 

Below I have listed some of the considerable benefits to a consistent yoga practice:

Yoga can help improve your athletic performance


- Improves lean muscle mass, especially underutilized muscle groups
- Enhances core body stability 
- Impedes overuse injury by strengthening supportive muscles 
- Creates a more functional overall strength 
Mental control
- Distinguishes two top athletes or teams, particularly in psychologically demanding sports such as rowing.
- Improves your ability to quell, quiet, and control the impulses of the mind 
- Helps maintain laser focus, allowing the athletes to stay rooted in the present moment without the invasion of unhelpful thought patterns 
- Improves sleep and reduces stress
- Improves coordination and use of multiple muscle groups at once
- Enhances body control and proprioception, leading to better “boat feel”
- Leads to better technique and form in compromised positions i.e. at the catch
- Leads to greater range of motion and increase in performance latitude for particular movements/series of movements
- Creates opportunity to strength condition particular muscle groups

Timarie Chan
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2015
Hispanic Linguistics and Environmental Sciences & Studies
timariechan at gmail.com <mailto:timariechan at gmail.com> | +44 7481 607000 C
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