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Michael Thornton michael at cucbc.org
Thu Oct 8 23:06:55 BST 2015

Hello Everybody

Just a few start of term “reminders”, along with some very important notices which you will probably want to read.

Reminders for College Rowing
Lights in the 15’ after Lighting Down, and the 15' before Lighting Up.
No novice boats on the water before 0730.
No coaching from the bank above the railway bridge before 0730.
Minimal coxing above the railway bridge before 0730. If your crew needs constant instruction, don’t boat until 0730.
Do not boat without PFDs firmly attached to coxes and bow balls firmly attached to boats.
No novice boats out in a Yellow Flag.
Novice boats must be accompanied by a coach on the bank.
Yellow Flag: Boating is restricted to University crews, first VIIIs, men's crews in the top 2 divisions of the May Bumps and women's crews in the top division of the May Bumps as well as first fours and tub pairs.
The flag is not a license to boat. If you boat in conditions you cannot handle and get into trouble, Mark will follow it up.
Rowing below Baitsbite Lock is restricted to University crews, first boats, and any other boats in the top two divisions of the May Bumps.
In Michaelmas and Lent, rowing below Baitsbite is not allowed on any weekday between 0830 and 1300, or after 1630.
Play nice.

University IVs
Uni IVs will run between the 26th October and the 30th October. Entries will open shortly.

Lent Bumps
You will hopefully be aware that at the end of last year the captains voted to move the Lent Bumps dates from “the 6th Tuesday to the 7th Saturday of Lent Term” to “the 7th Tuesday to the 8th Saturday of Lent Term”. Provision was made to reverse this change in years that the Lent Bumps would clash with WEHORR. This year is such a year. The captains voted to avoid the clash with WEHORR, therefore, by my reckoning, the Lent Bumps 2016 will be held between Tuesday 23rd February and Saturday 27th February.

Early Morning Marshalling
The EMM Rota is currently being updated and uploaded to the CUCBC website. This will be finished by the weekend at the latest.

Michael Thornton
CUCBC Honorary Secretary 2015-2016

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