[CUCBC Captains] Fairbairn Cup 2015 - Provisional Start Order, and additional notes

B. Gallant, Fairbairn Cup Secretary 2015 jcbc-fairbairns at jesus.cam.ac.uk
Sun Nov 29 16:13:58 GMT 2015

Hi all,

Again I'll keep this as short as possible.

Provisional Division Times for Fairbairns:
Can be found here: http://jcbc.jesus.cam.ac.uk/old/fairbairns/news.php
If you have any queries about these, please email me asap.

Payments for Fairbairns:
I've now received most of the payments for entries into Fairbairns. The 
deadline for payment is not until tomorrow, so no worries if you haven't 
got yours in yet, but asap, please! The bank details for transfer by 
BACS are at the same link as the division times.

Below is a list of all the clubs who I'm still waiting to confirm full 
payment from. If you're on this list and you submitted payment by bank 
transfer in the past 24 hours do not fear, I have not been able to 
update those since last night. Similarly if you've submitted by cheque 
in the past hour.

Champion of the Thames^
Hughes Hall*
Oriel (OXF)
Rob Roy
Somerville (OXF)
St Cats
St John's (DUR)

^ indicates partial payment received
* indicates you've told me you've paid but I haven't been able to 
confirm yet (from memory - may not be a complete list, don't worry!)

Payments in by 23:59 tomorrow please folks.

See you in a week.

Best wishes,
Ben Gallant

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