[CUCBC Captains] Two Boat Rule

Michael Thornton michael at cucbc.org
Mon Nov 23 17:19:40 GMT 2015

Dear all,

The deadline for entry in the Fairbairn Cup Races 2015 is today at 23:59 
- Please make sure you get all your entries in before then!

For those who have already entered the Fairbairn Cup, I have already 
contacted you separately (if you have not received an email and think 
you should have, please let me know). The only bit you have not seen is 

This briefing is compulsory for all coxes who have never competed in 
Fairbairns before and is advised for all senior coxes too. I put it in 
the hands of LBC's and Captains to ensure all your novice coxes attend - 
I shall be taking an attendance register. The briefing will be held on 
Sunday 22nd November at the Riley Auditorium in Clare College. The 
briefing for Fairbairns will begin at 20:30, but will be preceded at 
19:45 by the briefing for the Clare Novices regatta which is compulsory 
for all novice coxes competing in Clare Novices also.

I look forward to seeing many of you over the coming days and weeks.

Best wishes,
Ben Gallant

Jesus College Boat Club Fairbairn Cup Secretary 2015

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