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Michael Thornton michael at cucbc.org
Mon Nov 9 16:52:32 GMT 2015

Dear Captains

The level of noise this morning was unacceptable. "It’s gone 0730" is not a good enough reason to be shouting through houseboats. I realise that it is difficult to keep control of your crew as a coach if there is a lot of traffic above Chesterton Footbridge, but we must respect the houseboat owners. Please endeavour to keep your coaches as aware of other river users as possible.

Some other housekeeping points:
Coaching from the bank above the railway bridge before 0730 is strictly prohibited.
Cox-Speak above the railway bridge before 0730 should be kept to minimal commands, and as quiet as possible.
If you go out at Lighting Down, you might end up back above the railway bridge before 0730.
Repeat early morning noise infractions lead to training bans.

Regarding Early Morning Marshalling, as some of you know, we decided to move the EMM kit to Trinity Boathouse and store it outside, to overcome the issue of LMBC ocasionally being locked in the mornings. The other option that came to mind was sending clubs a PDF of the EMM sheets which they could print off as needed, complete, and then hand back to CUCBC. The EMM box has since gone missing, so unless somebody can come up with a sensible alternative (perhaps web-app based with a suggestion of somebody to write it), we’ll be moving to the print-your-own method. If I don’t hear anything by Sunday, I’ll send out the form with further details of how to return it.

Once again, can we please get the early morning noise under control.

Michael Thornton
CUCBC Honorary Secretary 2015-2016
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