[CUCBC Captains] Catz Cardinals - Final Draw!

J. M. Nowicka jn295 at cam.ac.uk
Wed Mar 11 19:46:02 GMT 2015

Dear Captains,

We know how stressful the end of term can be, so we decided to extend 
the deadline for entries to

*** Tuesday March 10th, lunchtime *** to allow a bit more time for those 
slightly less well organised!

Please encourage your clubs to participate, particularly if there are 
any keen tubbers out there - a chance to get your creative spirit going 
as I am told there is some fierce fancy dress being prepared in this 

Otherwise, it's a great chance to get people rowing and having a great 
time before everyone disperses for Easter holidays.

Looking forward to seeing you at the river on Thursday!

Julia Nowicka
Cardinals Secretary

On 2015-03-04 18:09, J. M. Nowicka wrote:
> Dear Captains!
> It is that time of the year again: Bumps is over, term is drawing to a
> close, and everyone is training for the next big competition on the
> rowing schedule. No it's not WEHoRR/HoRR - you've guessed it, it's
> Catz Cardinals 2015!
> The (spring) sun at the end of the wintry tunnel that is Lent Term,
> Catz Cardinals is what keeps everyone chugging through those last few
> weeks.
> Now is the time to put together that mixed crew, choose an outrageous
> outfit scheme, and ensure you have enough goodies to see your way to
> the top!
> The regatta will run through the day on **Thursday March 12th**
> (around 9.30am start TBC) and will be composed of the following
> categories:
> * Mixed 8s
> * Mixed 4s
> * Mixed Tubs (depending on sufficient interest)
> For forms and more info go here:
> http://www.boatclub.caths.cam.ac.uk/content/cardinals-regatta-2015
> Deadline for entries: midnight on Sunday March 8th
> The final will be as demanding a test of fitness as ever, with both
> crews racing down the river from opposite ends, spinning, and
> sprinting to the finish line in the middle of the reach.
> After a day’s hardcore rowing, everyone will be welcomed into the Catz
> bar for prizes, fire engines and general after-partying at 9.30pm.
> Lots of wheel love,
> #lolCatz
> Julia Nowicka
> Cardinals Secretary

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