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D.M. Janes coach at culrc.org
Fri Jun 5 17:44:16 BST 2015

Dear All,

I've been asked to clarify the rules regarding individual outing totals.

Please let me know if anyone in your squad has managed fewer than 8 outings this term. While we take a pragmatic view of illness/injury, and can relax the individual requirement for those training with University squads, if half of your novice boat fall below this threshold they're unlikely to be allowed to race.



---- Mark Jacobs wrote ----

>Dear All,
>Please find attached this term's 10-outing declaration. I'm a little 
>later than usual in sending it out, so the deadline this time is 23.45 
>on Thursday evening.
>While complete failure to return the declaration (or falsified 
>declarations) will result in disqualification, I don't think it fair to 
>punish a whole club for an individual's administrative failure, 
>especially at this time of year. Therefore, please note the following:
>1) Forms returned after the deadline, but before the start of the GoR, 
>will attract a £50 fine.
>2) Forms returned after the start of the GoR, but before the start of 
>Bumps, will attract a £50 fine, and any crews entered into the GoR will 
>be racing for time only.
>3) Forms not returned by 23.45 on Tuesday 9th will result in complete 
>disqualification of the club.
>As ever, please make sure that your outing logs are ready to be 
>inspected. I'll ask 5 clubs to submit them. The deadline for these is 
>23.45 on Tuesday 9th.
>If any of your crews have not managed the full 10 outings in the 
>required time, please contact me before scratching with full details of 
>any extenuating circumstances. All crews who have already entered will 
>be welcome to race the GoR for time only (if desired).
>Any queries, let me know.
>Mark Jacobs
>CUCBC Safety Advisor

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