[CUCBC Captains] GoR Notes For Competitors

Michael Thornton michael at cucbc.org
Sat Feb 14 00:02:03 GMT 2015

Dear Captains,

Thank you very much for coming en masse to yesterday's meeting. Minutes
will be uploaded on the CUCBC website tonight.This is the statement that
Mark Jacobs had drafted ahead of the meeting but after Prof. Convey's
letter had been sent:

"With the current training regime in place, we believe that a culture
change needs to take place whereby those crews composed largely or entirely
of the Michaelmas intake and with a lower-commitment training
schedule should target the May Bumps as their first set of bumping races.
This would give them more time to gain experience of a racing
environment as well as allowing them (slightly) higher quality water time
in Easter term to complement the 20 or so outings already undertaken. We do
not suggest that Michaelmas novices have no place in or should be excluded
from the Lent Bumps, or that attempts to prove themselves in the GoR would
be unwelcome, only that clubs should be realistic in their ability to train
a large squad to a required standard in a very short space of time."

A further extraordinary meeting will take place later this term. The Darwin
Captain has suggested that this could be followed this by a CUCBC dinner at
Darwin. The exact date is still being decided but will most likely be a
Sunday evening.

May I remind everyone that we still need umpires for the Bumps:

Finally, could all captains start taking pre-orders for the Bumps programme
(£3 pre-ordered, £3.50 otherwise)? The deadline for pre-ordering programmes
is Saturday 21st February (I will need final figure for every club by then
and a cheque of the corresponding amount can be given at the Captains'
meeting on the 22nd of February).

More GoR information will be circulated shortly - could all clubs wanting
to scratch crews start emailing Michael Thornton and myself asap (already
got a few emails but it's much easier to deal with this now rather than
closer to the GoR).

Best regards,
    Wilf. Genest
    CUCBC Hon. Sec.
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