[CUCBC Captains] Captains' meeting reminder and message from CUCBC chair

Wilfried Genest wilfried at cucbc.org
Wed Feb 11 12:30:10 GMT 2015

Dear Captains,

It has been brought to my attention today that some crews have been doing
pieces at rate above Chesterton and/or by Horningsea (i.e. by the moored
boats over the lock).

The wash created by doing pieces like this can be greatly disturbing to the
residents of houseboats. To quote an email I received only today from a
Horningsea houseboat resident: "Two eights went past very fast downstream.
My boat was caused to rock severely from their wake. Sufficient to cause a
set of machine screws I had just removed to go rolling into the bilges
where I will never now find them. As soon as I stood up and they saw me
both boats slowed down. So they knew they were in the wrong to go so fast
through the village."

Please remember that the river is shared by a lot of different communities
(college rowers, town rowers, boathouse inhabitants, kayaks, fishermen,
etc.) and that the current situation is the result of a fragile compromise
between all parties involved. It may be useful to remind coaches of this (I
regularly have to do so at Maggie).

Finally, an email will be sent tomorrow about the date of the next
Captains' meeting. If as a Captain you have not yet voiced an opinion on
this issue, tonight is your last opportunity to do so.

Best regards,
   Wilf. Genest
   CUCBC Hon. Sec.
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