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Dear Captains,

I’m writing to you on behalf of the working group for eligibility with an attached proposal that we have created in order to discuss this issue at the coming Captains meeting this Thursday. Below is a summary of this, but please also take the time to read the attached proposal with included specific wording to make some small changes to the eligibility rules in order to accommodate the difficulties some colleges encounter when trying to get boats together, training successfully and safely with the aim of competing in the Bumps.

One of the main reasons that the eligibility rules are difficult for colleges such as ours to adhere to is that the nature of college membership and involvement has changed over recent years and the University has a growing population of researchers who are encouraged to immerse themselves in the Cambridge life and have the same College experiences that the students do. Many of such people are at our colleges, and it is a shame that they cannot take part in the Bumps, especially since we struggle to fill our boats sufficiently with students alone. 

In summary, our suggestion is to include into the rules a clause that allows someone to compete in CUCBC events for a college if they have been elected or appointed by the governing body or council of that college. This could be confirmed in the form of an official member at the college (such as a Senior Treasurer, Bursar, Senior Tutor or Master) signing a statement to this effect. By adding this clause in it would allow Directors of Studies and PostDocs to row (who are very much involved in the college community) but excludes Alumni and Supervisors who are only loosely attached with the college. The current rules concerning these points are found here: http://www.cucbc.org/handbook/racing/general <http://www.cucbc.org/handbook/racing/general>. In particular Rules 1-4 inclusive. The specific wording for our proposed changes to the rules are included at the end of our proposal document.

I hope you find the time to read this, as we would very much appreciate your feedback at the coming Captains meeting as to whether you agree or disagree with these proposed changes



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