[CUCBC Captains] Evening hours, firm pressure over the lock and mobile phones

Tom Grimble tom at cucbc.org
Wed May 7 00:07:34 BST 2014

Dear all

A few notices from the committee to be circulated round your clubs for
coxes in particular.

*Evening hours:*
The times and weekly schedule for early and late sessions are
please follow them and please make sure you keep to the timings.

Remember that IVs of eligible rowers cannot be between Chesterton and
Baitsbite during the restricted hours, but can go over the lock during the
changeover. Eligible rowers are NOT allowed to use small boats (singles,
doubles, pairs etc).

*Racing over the lock*
We've had complaints of crews racing past moored boats at Horningsea over
the lock and ignoring requests to slow down.

The wash from an VIII at race pace is significant and on a narrow stretch
can rock any moored craft. All crews should slow down and paddle when
passing moored boats over the lock and plan your pieces and training around
this. Please consider this a final warning on this matter and any future
incidents of discourtesy will be dealt with harshly.

*Mobile phones for coxes*
Please make sure that coxes carry a mobile phone in case of emergencies
especially if your crew is going out unaccompanied and it is definitely
advisable to carry one even if you have a coach on the bank in case you
become separated.

We are aware that many people have expensive smartphones and don't want to
risk losing them. Potential solutions to this include, you club investing
in a cheap and old pay as you go phone as part of the kit, putting you
phone in a waterproof container like a water bottle that will float in case
it becomes separated from you or the boat, or simply just be careful and
don't drop it.

We bring this up due to a recent incident of an VIII having rocks thrown at
it from a bridge. In this situation you should first get your crew away
from danger and then immediately report it to the police.

Thanks and we hope everyone is having a productive term of training so far!

Tom Grimble
CUCBC Honorary Secretary
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