[CUCBC Captains] Lights and Fog

Tom Grimble tom at cucbc.org
Thu Mar 13 11:38:25 GMT 2014

Hi CUCBC Captains!

Just to let you know, we're still accepting last minute entries!

Hope to hear from you guys :)

Verriin and Maria.

On 2014-03-04 21:13, V. Kaur wrote:
> To all CUCBC Captains,
> Now that Lent Bumps are over, it's time to be getting on with the real
> fun! Cardinals is back again this year on the **13th March** and we're
> hoping to make it more popular than ever!
> Please use this URL to get more information on what's taking place on
> the day itself, rules, etc. as well as ENTRY FORMS (...we do need them
> THIS Sunday 9th March by midnight):
> [http://www.boatclub.caths.cam.ac.uk/content/cardinals-regatta-2014]
> If you have any queries, don't hesitate to get in touch!
> Regards,
> Verriin Kaur
> (Cardinals Committee Member)

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