[CUCBC Captains] Lent Bumps 2014 - Friday Results and Notes & Fines

Tom Grimble tom at cucbc.org
Sat Mar 1 01:12:29 GMT 2014

Dear all

Thanks to everyone for another great day of racing. I hope everyone has
dried off a little and hasn't ended up caked in too much of the towpath.

*Notes from the Umpires*

   - Bank parties are strictly limited to 4 cyclists. This includes the
   boatman, coaches and any VIPs. Excessive bank parties are extremely
   dangerous and can obstruct umpires, therefore they will be heavily
   - Please make sure to marshal on time tomorrow. The first division needs
   to be marshalled on their start stations 15 minutes before the division is
   due to start. We all want to get to BCD on time so lets make sure there are
   no delays.


   - Churchill M3 - Early celebration - £20
   - Emmanuel W2 - Failure to clear - £30
   - Pembroke M2 - Late concession - £25
   - Sidney Sussex W1 - Foul and abusive language towards Chief Umpire - £50
   - Wolfson M2 - Public urination - £80
   - Caius - Incompetent marshal - £10
   - Jesus - Failure to provide marshal - £15
   - Magdalene - Failure to provide marshal - £15
   - Clare M1 - Boatman losing overlap bell on First Post corner -
   Distances to be called by Milo's squeaky toy tomorrow

To appeal any fine please email Dr Dan Wilkins, CUCBC Senior Treasurer (
seniortreasurer at cucbc.org) within 48 hours of this email.

Tom Grimble
CUCBC Honorary Secretary
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