[CUCBC Captains] May Bumps 2014 - Friday Results and Notes & Fines

Tom Grimble tom at cucbc.org
Sat Jun 14 00:51:16 BST 2014

Dear coxes,

I just wanted to draw to your attention part of the notes from yesterday
concerning the circulation pattern for marshalling for bumps, now that we
are on the towpath side.

   - All crews paddling home after racing, but below the railway bridge,
   should expect to be held on the reach near the railway bridge to allow the
   next division to push off.
   - Crews already above the railway bridge and going home should keep to
   the left hand side (i.e. reverse of normal navigation) until past Peter's
   Posts to allow marshalled boats to push off.
   - Marshalled crews pushing off to go to the start should keep left (i.e.
   reverse of normal navigation) until they reach the railway bridge, after
   which they should resume normal navigation. Do not push off and aim
   directly for the railway bridge, as most of you did yesterday - keep left,
   then cross over as you would at the normal crossover points.

This system will be enforced by an umpire at the railway bridge, who will
hold crews travelling upstream to allow marshalling crews to cross over.
The system will only work if we all stick to it, so please try to adhere
for the rest of the week.

Some further points:

   - Do not overtake in the marshalling zone, generally a queue will have
   formed for a reason (probably due to someone not following the above plan)
   - if you try to overtake then you will likely make the situation worse.
   - Do not be late to marshalling - the marshalling zone overlaps with the
   racing course, any crew attempting to marshall during racing will be told
   to park on the Stourbridge common side of the river upstream of the finish
   until racing has finished, and will not be treated kindly.
   - For your reference, when marshalling, boats 1 to 6 should occupy the
   space between the P&E and the start of the apex at Morley's Holt, and boats
   7 to 18 between the apex and the railway bridge, unless told otherwise by
   the umpires. Do not park on the red tape attached to the aforementioned

Please let me know if you have any questions, and could Captains please
pass this along to coxes, coaches, and their crews where relevant.

Good luck for the rest of the week,

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