[CUCBC Captains] CULRC Meeting - Thursday 5pm @ Emma

D.M. Janes coach at culrc.org
Wed Jun 4 15:31:25 BST 2014

Dear All,

Attached is this term's 10-outing declaration. It should be filled in and
returned to me by a responsible person in the club - captain, boatman,
safety officer etc. are all appropriate. I'm a little later sending this
out than usual, so the deadline for return is this Thursday. I only want
one form per club - please don't send me forms covering individual crews or
one each per gender.

We understand that crews change outing to outing because of illness,
interviews etc., however require that all members of a crew should have
completed at least 8 outings in the term. If a last-minute sub will not
fulfil this requirement, please contact CUCBC to discuss the situation.
Dispensation would normally be given for an experienced rower who has
previously competed in bumps, though each case will be judged individually.

If you have a crew that will not have completed 10 outings by this Friday,
but has a realistic chance of doing so before the start of bumps, please
contact me to discuss/negotiate before scratching. This does not apply to
any crew competing in the GoR, for which Friday's deadline is fixed.

As last term, I require outing logs from all clubs to be available for
inspection. I require the following (randomly selected) clubs to submit
their outing logs along with the 10-outing declaration form:

Hughes Hall/Lucy Cavendish

Please note that once submitted, I will not accept corrections/updates to
these logs. Check them before you send them! Any format is OK so long as I
can open it - scans/legible photos of a paper log or an electronic
spreadsheet/online version are equally good.


Mark Jacobs
CUCBC Safety Advisor
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