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Dear all

Due to the scaffolding on the Green Dragon bridge this term the following
restrictions will be in place for the safety of all crews and other river

There are traffic lights set up either side of the bridge and these must be
obeyed except during events where the lights may be covered and replaced by

Please ensure to give plenty of room for other vessels to pass through the
restricted section especially barges and other large powered craft as they
are slower and less maneuverable.

In particular if waiting upstream of the bridge please stop far upstream to
avoid drifting into the path of oncoming vessels.

Please make sure all coxes and coaches are aware of the need to leave
plenty of room.

Between lighting down and 8:30am in the morning each college may only have
ONE boat on the water at any time.

This applies to VIIIs and IVs but not to small boats (singles, pairs,
doubles etc).

These restrictions will come into force when the flag is in operation from
Tuesday this week.

Only 1st VIIIs will be permitted to boat in the first 15 minutes after
lighting down. The same applies to 11am on weekends.

All crews that need a coach to be present must have 2 coaches with them on
the bank. This ensures that one person can remain with the crew past the
bridge obstruction as it is not possible to cross there. The other coach
should cross at the white bridge along Riverside to reach the P&E.

These restrictions may be re-evaluated following consultation with the
contractors and other river users to see whether there is anything that can
be done to ease traffic, but for the time being keeping numbers low is
important for safety and to prevent a bottleneck.

We are sorry this is necessary and we are sympathetic to how much this will
disrupt your rowing this term but this is a significant obstruction. We
will be attempting to find measures to alleviate any of these restrictions
if it is safe to do so.

Tom Grimble
CUCBC Honorary Secretary
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