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Tue Jan 14 11:29:01 GMT 2014

Dear all,

Last term, I attended the British Rowing National Council Meeting at which
the review of the competition framework was introduced. The details are
still being finalised and a workshop is being run locally to collect
feedback. I attached further details for those of you who might be

With best wishes,

Dr Holly Hedgeland
Cambridge University Combined Boat Clubs

*From:* Andrew Blit [andrew.blit at btopenworld.com]
*Sent:* 09 January 2014 6:51
*Cc:* 'Nick Hubble'
*Subject:* National Competition Framework - Regional Workshop

  Fellow Rowers

I am sure that you are by now aware that British Rowing has been
undertaking a review of the framework under which competitive rowing is
organised and through which all racing is presently run.

The outcome of this review were a series of proposals which are summarised
in the attached presentation. In November, British Rowing Council agreed to
the outline of these changes and in particular to work towards a
‘categories’ based approach to events for 2014/15 as well as ‘simplifying’
the rules for less formal and smaller events. Council, however, wanted more
feedback on the implementation of this and in particular for the way in
which the points system might be changed, replaced or done away with

There will, accordingly, be a series of workshops across the country run by
BR and for the East this is taking place at Peterborough City Rowing Club
on 18th January – I attach the poster which shows how you can book a place
through the BR website.

The changes proposed are very significant and these workshops represent a
unique opportunity to influence the future of competitive rowing in the
short and medium term. I would urge all clubs with aspirations to senior
competitive rowing, or those who run events to attend.

Andrew Blit

t: 07976 672238
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