[CUCBC Captains] Lent Bumps 2014 - Getting-on Race Women's Results

Tom Grimble tom at cucbc.org
Fri Feb 21 19:02:28 GMT 2014

Dear all

Everyone who replied to this thread has had their order noted.

Programmes have only just been delivered so I am going to re-open orders
until Saturday lunchtime, which is the first opportunity I will have to put
your orders together and allocate the stacks.

For payment please bring a cheque to the captains meeting on Sunday. If
this isn't possible please email Henk-Jaap at juniortreasurer at cucbc.org and
we will arrange an alternative.

As a reminder the price for pre-orders is discounted making them £2.50 each.

The stack of programmes will be available to pick up with your club's banks

Here is the order summary I've had so far.

  *College* *Order *  ARU    Caius 15  Christ's    Churchill    Clare    Clare
Hall    Corpus Christi    Darwin 30  Downing 32  Emmanuel 19  Fitzwilliam 17
Girton 12  Homerton    Hughes Hall    Jesus    King's 10  LMBC 22  Magdalene
   Murray Edwards 13  Newnham    Pembroke    Peterhouse    Queens' 18
Robinson 15  Selwyn 15  Sidney Sussex    St. Catharine's 35  St.
Edmund's 10  Trinity
Hall    Wolfson 10

Tom Grimble
CUCBC Honorary Secretary

On 30 January 2014 14:56, Tom Grimble <tom at cucbc.org> wrote:

> Dear Captains
> The deadline for bumps programme submissions is also this Friday. The crew
> list submissions are *separate to the entry system*.
> Submissions can be made at http://www.thebumps.co.uk/crewlists
> The price of programmes will be £3.50 and will be available either from
> control desk or a few select locations in town (JET Photographic and A.E.
> Clothier is the likely plan).
> However your clubs can put in a pre-order request direct to us with a
> discount of £1 off the programme price making them £2.50 each.
> Please ask round your club and gather how much interest there is and then
> submit your order requests before Sunday 16th February (just over 2 weeks
> from now) by replying to this email.
> The programmes you order will then be available for you to pick up at the
> pre-bumps captains meeting (Sunday 23rd Feb). I will email out later to
> detail the payment method. This will be by cheque separate to the normal
> bills process.
> Please encourage your club to support the Lents programmes as declining
> sales may result in them being discontinued in future.
> Please make sure you get your programme crew list submissions sorted
> before this Friday. The more chasing I have to do of entries this weekend
> the longer it is going to take to get a start order sorted.
> Remember late entries don't just hurt your club, it deprives all the
> procrastinating rowers in the university of their Bumpit predictions for a
> few extra days!*
> Good luck with all your training!
> Tom Grimble
> CUCBC Honorary Secretary
> *CUCBC does not endorse procrastination from degree work in any way.
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