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Thu Feb 13 16:51:44 GMT 2014

Dear All,

Attached is this term's 10-outing declaration. It should be filled in 
and returned to me by a responsible person in the club - captain, 
boatman, safety officer etc. are all appropriate.

We understand that crews change outing to outing because of illness, 
interviews etc., however require that all members of a crew should have 
completed at least 8 outings in the term. If a last-minute sub will not 
fulfil this requirement, please contact CUCBC to discuss the situation. 
Dispensation would normally be given for an experienced rower who has 
previously competed in bumps, though each case will be judged individually.

No allowance whatsoever will be made for lower boats (or for first 
boats) who have failed to meet the 10-outing criteria because of poor 

There is a change to the declaration wording this term. If we find that 
a club has made a false declaration, ALL of their crews will be removed 
from the bumps, without negotiation. All places will be forfeited for 
next year's competition. With this term's competition for places any 
other action would be unfair to the other clubs on the river. Note also 
that your club's outing logs (which you all declared to keep last term) 
should be available for inspection upon request.


Mark Jacobs
CUCBC Safety Advisor
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