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Tom Grimble tom at cucbc.org
Wed Feb 12 22:38:13 GMT 2014

Dear Captains

*<Please ensure the following information is forwarded to all competing
crews and coxes>*

*The Race*

 The Lents Bumps 2014 Getting-on Race will be held on the afternoon of
Friday 21st February.

The Getting-on Race is a timed race from the Little Bridge to the finishing
post 78 yards downstream of the Railway Bridge. The start is a rolling

The fastest crews will qualify for the free places at the bottom of the
bumps divisions.

There are 49 men's crews competing for 18 places in the M3 and M4 divisions.

There are 39 women's crews competing for 15 places in the W2 and W3

Crews that had a place in last year's start order will regain that place if
they are successful in qualifying.

*Marshaling before the Start*

Due to the large number of crews involved the decision has been made to
split this into 3 divisions of approximately 30 boats each

   - Division 1: Marshalling by 13:40 at Baitsbite lock. Racing from 2pm.
   Follow start marshaling instructions below.
   - Division 2: Marshalling by 14:30 between the Railway Bridge and P&E on
   towpath side in REVERSE ORDER i.e. crew 30 nearest the bridge.
   - Division 3: Marshalling by 15:30 between the Railway Bridge and P&E on
   towpath side in REVERSE ORDER.

Any crew that is late to marshal will not be permitted to race. The
schedule for so many boats is very tight and we cannot afford to run late.

will be dropping out and we need everyone to know where they need to be on
the day. Pleas remember your start number.


*Marshaling at the Start*

 Due to the risk of strong stream the marshalling pattern when crews arrive
at Baitsbite lock will be as follows:

Crew 11-30 pull in between the start line and the lock on towpath side, the
bottom crew nearest the lock. Crews will be rowing down in reverse order so
it is important to remain in that order.

Crews 1 -10 will pull in UPSTREAM of the start on towpath side when they
arrive and follow the instructions of marshals. Once all lower crews are
pulled in safely below the start these crews will be instructed to push out
row downstream past the start then spin all at once and start racing

I have attached a map to explain where to go, marshals will be on station
to instruct you.

*Crew scratches*

 In order to facilitate getting a final GoR start order complete with
enough notice the scratch deadline for entries to be refunded will be 5pm
on Wednesday 19th February i.e. 48 hours before the race.

Any scratches hereafter will not be refunded. Any crew that races the GoR
but does not qualify will be refunded half the entry fee. Not showing up
for the race will be considered a scratch and receive no refund.

*Division Changes*

I was debating whether to say anything about this, but realised no matter
what I did I would still receive a load of requests. We need to keep a cap
on numbers per division so if you require a division swap please find
another crew to swap with then email me with both crew representatives
CC'ed in.


Please email me all sub requests ahead of time.

Remember that anyone that races in a successful GoR crew may not then go on
and compete for a higher crew. Making up your lower boat spaces with 1st
boat rowers is not permitted in any way and will result in those rowers
being forced to remain in the lower boat or be disqualified.

All of this info will be updated to the website in due course.

Any other questions please let me know.

Tom Grimble
CUCBC Honorary Secretary
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