[CUCBC Captains] SBR Marshals

Tom Grimble tom at cucbc.org
Sun Apr 20 13:10:00 BST 2014

Dear all

Please find the SBR schedule at the following link (google doc). Captains
please pass this around to all competitors to make sure they get it.

All races will run Tuesday and Wednesday 2-4pm. No races will be able to
run on Monday as no one is available and the bank holiday will see large
amounts of holidaying river traffic making a race difficult to hold safely.


I expect a number of changes so this is a lot easier than via the CUCBC
website especially due to the necessity for 3 boat finals.

I will update the schedule with the timetable for each day and the
progression through each event in due course but wanted to get the schedule
out asap.

All problems, comments and requests about the schedule should be made as
replies to this email with no subject change etc so it all stacks up in 1
thread in my inbox.

Due to the shifting of some people around and late additions or 1 or 2
crews to make up competition in events, we will accept payment until
tomorrow evening by cheque to Henk-Japp Wagenaar at Peterhouse. Cheques
made payable to CUCBC.


Tom Grimble
CUCBC Honorary Secretary
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