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Mark Jacobs mark at cucbc.org
Wed Oct 9 00:36:23 BST 2013

Dear All,

At the start of each academic year, CUCBC carries out a check that all 
clubs hold appropriate insurance, and that details have been provided on 
the CUCBC website. Please note that appropriate insurance includes 
'Member to Member' insurance, i.e. the policy will cover situations 
where all parties are members of the same club (e.g. your M5 crashes in 
to your W3, with resulting injuries and chaos all round).

Currently there are only abour half of all clubs which show insurance 
policies in place that will still be valid when terms starts (which I am 
taking to be 8 October). Please make sure that you have provided details 
before the start of term, or your club will not be permitted to boat 
until I have seen evidence of such a policy.

In addition, note that in the Safety section of the CUCBC Handbook, 
point 4 gives a list of information which must be submitted by your 
club's Safety Officer by the end of Week 4. Please make sure that CUCBC 
has up-to-date contact details for your Safety Officers, and that the 
required statements are submitted on time. This year's statement is 
attached. While the eternal optimist deep within me would like to 
suggest that I'll get 31 copies back at the start of week 4, the more 
dominant pessimist tells me that I should nonetheless be resigned to 
emailing it around to you all at least thrice more. Details of the 
required information can be found at 
http://www.cucbc.org/handbook/safety - please let me know if you need 
any help. Regarding the last question, I certainly don't need a running 
score over the term of how many of your new recruits have decided that 
they don't like getting blisters/getting up 'early' for a 7.30 
outing/your LBCs! The question is included to give British Rowing an 
idea of the scale of participation in the sport, and a rough figure at 
some point in Week 3/4 will be fine.


Mark Jacobs
CUCBC Safety Advisor

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